In a way, minting an NFT is similar to the concept behind how coins and paper money of a country are made. NFTs can be minted through the NFTb marketplace, where a creator uploads an artwork, adds a title and description as well as other information. Once the NFT is created, the creator can sell it on the NFTb marketplace.

Let's dig deeper with this step by step guide detailing everything you need to mint an NFT on NFTb.

1. Get a wallet

Download the MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect or Math Wallet mobile app, to use as your “crypto wallet.” You can learn more about setting up your wallet here.

Add the wallet Chrome extension to your browser: This way, you’ll have access to your “crypto wallet” on both your phone and your machine, which makes the process of minting, checking sales, and engaging with the community a little bit easier.

2. Keep your Private Keys safe

Your private key is a string of random words that will allow you access to your crypto wallet in the case you forget your password. Memorize this, or write it down in at least 3 places. It shouldn’t be found anywhere digitally, but should be kept instead in tangible places (like a journal, a planner, a safe, etc), to reduce the risk of getting hacked and stolen from.

3. Sign up as a creator on NFTb (If you haven't already)

Make sure to add a profile photo, a bio, a cover image, and links out to your website and social media. Due to the influx of new artists entering our marketplace every day (and increasing exponentially), you’ll want to complete all of these steps. Show up like you mean it, and complete the process, because it will make a difference! You can learn more about How Verification Works.

Congratulations! This is huge! You’re ready to mint your first piece. (Or, you’re 4 steps closer, at least.) For this instructional manual, you are in a great place to start enjoying your journey at NFTb marketplace. Once you click “Create Collectible”, choose whether you’d like to mint a single collectible or multiple collectible.

4. Fund your wallet

You need to have at least 0.003 BNB in your wallet to mint an artwork. At this point, you need to top up your wallet before you proceed to minting.

5. Mint your artwork

Upload a file - PNG, JPG, WEBP, MP4 or MP3. Depending on the file format you upload, you will need to add an image as a cover.

Fill in the information about the artwork - the title and description and % royalty. Don’t skip over the description. It’s very essential, I can’t emphasize the importance of storytelling when it comes to your art. Bring the viewer into your story — the “why” of your piece.

Don't forget: People buy into the artist as much as they buy into the art. If you prefer to remain mysterious and obscure, lean into that story…but whatever you do, don’t leave this blank. It’s valuable real estate. Use it.

Side note: You can choose to split your Royalty and share it with other contributors or collaborators on the artwork.

6. Confirm the transaction

You need to go to your wallet to confirm the transaction. Click on the “Confirm” button to pay the gas fee which will just be a few cents.

7. Whoo-hoo! You just minted an NFT

Congrats on minting your NFT! It’s now live on the blockchain and you can view it on and IPFS.

Right now, you can create collections and have them ready for sale to collectors next week. We will notify you when sales begin.

8. Don’t stop talking about your work

Once your piece is minted and listed on NFTb, share it! Tell your friends, tell your momma, your folks, tell your collectors (if you have any in the traditional space), tag us on Twitter and Instagram. Share the link on all your social channels. Do it 4 - 7 more times over the next few days. Bring people into the focus of your story screaming with excitement! If you’re not hyped about it, why should anyone else be? Let them be enthralled!

And finally, we have come to the end of this step-by-step guide but we'll leave you with these final words: Don’t stop creating, keep creating, and keep minting.

Our advice is don’t mint anything you have no enthusiasm for, because you won’t want to share it, and don’t be scared to get out there and actually create (and show off a little, too! You’re worth it! 😉).

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