NFTb is built to reward creators.

We are the first NFT marketplace for digital art and goods built on the BNB Chain. NFTb is 100% community owned and functions as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Our first goal is to structure the token economics of the network to incentivize creators of digital art and collectibles to create NFTs and sell them on NFTb.

Few if any NFT marketplaces are localized to more than one or a several countries. As such, NFTs exclude a large % of the world’s art and collectors market (crypto and non-crypto).

None of the marketplaces currently reward effects and filters. This is a huge market in the non-crypto digital art world, and is a blue ocean in the NFT space.

Why BNB Chain and not Ethereum?

Nearly all NFT marketplaces are built on Ethereum (though more are emerging). With ETH2 perpetually about to be released, and many L2 solutions yet untested, it’s unclear when Ethereum congestion will abate. The high fees to participate - create, mint, buy, and collect - price many users out of the market.

We believe in the potential of the BNB Chain ecosystem to unlock more value for NFT creators and holders. By combining both CEX and DEX liquidity we can provide a better experience for creators.

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