Congrats! Your account has been created. The next step is to get verified as a Creator. Only verified accounts are allowed to mint and sell NFTs in the marketplace.

Carefully follow these steps to get your account verified.

1. Profile Submission

The first step to getting verified is submitting your profile for verification.

NFTb will review all submissions and verify the accounts that pass our vetting process.

Verified accounts will be updated to the “Creator” status and can mint and sell their NFTs in the market place.

2. Receive Confirmation Email

Once you are verified, you will receive an email confirming your new status as a Creator.

Getting verified as an artist on NFTb

3. Congrats! You are now a Creator.

Now you can mint and sell NFTs in the marketplace. Welcome on board as we begin our amazing journey together!

Becoming  a creator / artist on NFTb

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