Here at, we offer several different wallet options, and in this quick guide, we’ll show you how to set up each of them. Once you successfully set up a wallet, you can connect it with your account by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button. Currently, we offer 4 different wallet options:

  1. MetaMask

  2. WalletConnect

  3. Trust Wallet

  4. Math Wallet

#1 MetaMask

MetaMask is an Ethereum Browser and Ether Wallet. Its add-on can be installed on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Brave browser. Since its installation is the same on any browser we mentioned we’ll show you how to do it using Chrome browser as an example. Otherwise, please find MetaMask installation links for each browser below:

  1. MetaMask for Chrome

  2. MetaMask for Opera (but first agree on installing Chrome extensions)

  3. MetaMask for Firefox

  4. MetaMask for Brave (it comes with MetaMask preinstalled)


1. Go to Chrome browser

2. Open a new tab

3. Go to this link

4. Click on ADD TO CHROME to install the MetaMask plugin

5. After you install the plugin, click on the MetaMask icon (top right corner of the browser)

6. It will open up MediMask UI, where you need to scroll down and click Accept after you’ve read the terms of use.

6. After that, you need to enter and confirm your password. Make sure your password is strong enough and keep it safe. Then you click Create to create a new Ethereum account.

7. After you create your account, MetaMask will show you your unique 12-word recovery key - Seed. You need to keep it safe because it’s the only way to access your MetaMask account if you forget the password. After you’ve copied it somewhere safe click on I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE button.

8. After you’ve done everything we listed above, the main screen of MetaMask will open.

That’s it! If you followed our instructions, you’ve probably successfully created your MetaMask account that you can connect to right away.

#2 WalletConnect

WalletConnect is not a wallet, it's an open-source protocol that connects decentralized apps to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. Install any mobile wallet that supports WalletConnect protocol and scan a QR code (desktop) or click on an application deep link (mobile) to start its session.

#3 Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a crypto wallet designed for buying, storing, exchanging, and earning cryptocurrencies. Here’s a simple guide to help you set it up.

1. Download the Trust Wallet app here

2. Once you download and install the Trust Wallet app, tap on Create a New Wallet

3. After you do that, you’ll receive a 12-word recovery phrase, which acts as a backup for your funds. You should copy it and keep it somewhere safe because it’s the only way to access your wallet in case you forget your password.

4. After you get your 12-word recovery phase, the system will ask you to verify that you wrote down the 12-word phrase in the correct order. Don’t forget to back it up and store it somewhere safe!

And that’s it! If you followed our instructions thoroughly, you’ve successfully set up your Trust Wallet account. Connect it with to start collecting and storing your tokens.

#4 Math Wallet

Math Wallet is a browser extension that supports ETH EOS TRON BOS Telos EOSForce ETC ESN POA, the DApp Ecology, and one-click access to the DApp Store. What makes it even more convenient is the fact that it will keep adding more and more main blockchains. Here’s how to install it (Chrome users).

1. Go to Chrome Web Store and install the Math Wallet app

2. Create a password - make sure it’s strong enough. Keep it somewhere safe.

3. Enter the wallet and select a blockchain (We used TRON as an example)

4. Click + and then Create Wallet

5. Enter wallet password

6. Once you enter your password you’ll get your unique private key (image below). Make sure you back it up and keep it somewhere safe.

7. After you’ve successfully created your wallet tap on Web Wallet to start using it

Congratulations! If you followed these steps, you’ve probably successfully created your Math Wallet. Now you can connect it with your account.


Setting up a wallet might sound confusing at first, especially if you’ve never had a crypto wallet before. Hopefully, our guide helped you with that. Feel free to connect it with your account, whether you’re an artist or a collector!

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