Here we will be sharing some helpful tips on certain important areas that will help guide creators to optimize their listing as new entries continue to rise as more amazing artists join our platform.

1) Harness the art of promoting your artworks on social media!

We have noticed very clearly that most artists are doing an incredible job of promoting their art collections and themselves on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter which usually are the ones that attract the most collectors/ buyers on NFTb market. If you look at the Instagram and Twitter feeds you will notice how selling artists are constantly working hard in promoting their works and themselves.

We do not mean you should have thousands of followers and dedicate your time to social media just so you can sell your art.

However, we do need to see the effort you are making to promote yourself online which could go a long way in helping to attract new collectors to the platform. As the NFTb community continues to grow there are more and more tools, campaigns and promotions becoming available to help artists expand their influence.

Get creative and get involved! Some collectors appreciate artists that know how to promote themselves. Compose instagram/twitter posts giving context to each your specific piece or series. What is its story? Why is it unique and valuable? What does it mean to you? Tag/mention NFTb in all of your posts, we’ll retweet/share as much as we can.

2) Show original and consistent style

For the artworks you submit, make sure they feel original to you and there is a consistent style to your artworks.

Are we trying to limit your imaginations? No way! We’re not trying to nullify your creative process by any means but we have observed that more of the artists doing their best in selling NFTs are those that focus on displaying a consistent feel, look and originality.

Whatever different styles you work with respect to your creations let your best be reflected in your NFT listing.

3) Scarcity is Key

We consider scarcity to be very important. We cannot overemphasize the need for artists or creators to spend more time on creating their best possible works of art as good quality work does far better with collectors, rather than flooding the marketplace.

4) Get involved in the community!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. Join our conversations on Discord chat and begin getting to know our community of creators and collectors on NFTb. It’s a fantastic way to acquire more knowledge about our platform and bloom relationships with other artists and collectors. You can also initiate an NFTb account and start collecting!

We frequently pay special attention, when we get a creator submission from someone who is active in our community or that has already started collecting/ supporting other creators on NFTb.

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