So you just minted your first NFT or maybe you’ve minted a couple and are wondering why it doesn’t seem to get as much attention as you had imagined.

Many artists who have achieved success in the digital art space have worked tirelessly to build a huge following on social media - it’s important to know that these artists did not amass a large following overnight, rather they have worked on honing their skills in social media marketing, which has undoubtedly helped them build a loyal fanbase and community.

Let’s take a look at what you can learn from other artists who are successfully promoting themselves and their artworks across social media.

1. Start Early and Build Excitement

Don’t be shy - it’s okay to start promoting your work before it is released.

When you start minting your NFTs, it’s important to spread the word and create some hype so collectors can get involved.

We recommend teasing your artwork no less than a week before it is released on the marketplace. Be careful not to give too much away too early, as your audience may lose interest over time. Keep your teaser posts discreet yet interesting.

After your initial announcement, you should keep your audience updated by sharing more information every few days.

Generally, we suggest the following posting schedule:

(i) 1st week before release:

(ii) A few days before:

(iii) Day of the release (before it’s live):

(iv) After your NFT has been sold:

2. Add a Personal Touch

Your followers and audience want to know the person behind the your creations, your processes, tools/apps and how you draw inspiration. Being genuine and open helps your audience connect with you as a person and not just as a creator. It helps draw an inner emotional connection and affection to your artworks.

It is very important to avoid only sharing posts when you are promoting your newest NFT as it can appear as being too sales-y. You want your followers to be able to connect with the person behind the art so show them your interests - your workstation, your meals, or even your pet - something that can make them relate with you as a person.

3. Be Consistent with your Posts

Most social media marketing experts recommend sharing 5 – 7 posts per week. This may seem like a lot at first but when you start and get the hang of it, creating content will come easily to you. Remember, the more you post, the more your engagement which in turn leads to more followers.

To ease some of the hassle, you can consider social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer for planning and scheduling your posts in advance.

4. Engagement… More Please!

We cannot overemphasize the importance of engagement — remember, you’ve got to give to receive. Tennis is a great analogy for how two-way communication works. Great matches are filled with great volleys. Likewise, to improve your engagement, think about two-way communication as a dialogue or conversation that goes back and forth.

Respond to DMs, have conversations in the comments section, like and offer support to other artists and people in general. Most times they often will repay the favor. Take advantage of Instagram stories - ask questions, take surveys, look for observations. This will make your posts more interactive, it will help get more traction on your page and boost your profile.

5. Shrinking Violet

With such a huge demand for video content, it’s no wonder why both marketers and content creators worldwide have begun to consider trying their hand at it. However, many people suffer from camera shyness, which makes them reluctant to give it a go.

In our world today, being able to connect a face with a handle creates a bridge between the artist and the audience. We have discovered that artists can promote excitement by sharing short videos of themselves to thrill their audience, these short clips can be used as opportunities to showcase insights of their creative journey, inspire and display their workstation and the process behind their artworks.

Don’t be camera shy, get started.

6. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

"Complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be expressed in a single image and yet convey its meaning or essence more effectively than a verbal or textual description would."

According to Twitter, Tweets with photos receive an average 35% boost in engagement.

If you are doing some marketing before a drop, we would recommend using a teaser image that doesn’t reveal too much. For videos or animations you should use a 3 - 5 second video clip.

Either way, always, always, always include a photograph or video in your post!

7. It’s All in the Details

When creating promotional content for your NFT, it is important to take note of the following:

  • Dates: the day the artwork will be released or when the auction will come to an end

  • Links: include links to your artwork. This will make it easily accessible for your fans to keep track of your work and make a purchase.

  • Tags and Titles: mention the title of the artwork in your post and be sure to include collaborators (if any) by correctly tagging their social media accounts to double/magnify your outreach. When posing content about an auction, be sure to tag all the collectors who had shown interest or engaged with the initial announcement you shared about the auction.

8. Don’t Forget the Magic Word - Thank You!

It's a very important and powerful cultural force.

Recognize the people that helped you achieve success. Being gracious makes people who are invested in you feel appreciated, special and valued regardless of how significant or subtle their contribution - if they simply offered words of encouragement, or supported you by buying or bidding on your NFT.

You should never hold back with publicly appreciating your supporters with a “Thank You”.

9. It’s Okay to Network and Connect with Collectors

You should proactively try to nurture relationships with your collectors.

You shouldn’t only engage a collector when you want to sell something, to some extent give them a white-glove-treatment, providing them with an individualized appreciation, particular artwork details and other personalized messaging forms that display your relationship and their support.

Once a strong connection has been built between yourself and your collector(s), you can contact them about current or upcoming sales without having to worry about being pushy as they will be eagerly anticipating more NFTs from you.

10. Feel Free to Reach Out and Seek Help

As new artists begin to discover and get familiar with the world of NFTs, there are loads of artists in the community who are more than happy to help offer support and guidance. Don't be afraid to reach out.

At NFTb, one of our goals is to provide a healthy, sustainable environment that enables all our artists to grow and succeed. If you need any help, please join our Discord channel.

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