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Check out our guide on how to buy NFTB Tokens on PancakeSwap using TrustWallet.

  1. Go to the TrustWallet app.

2. Go to the “DApps” section.

3. Select PancakeSwap.

In this section you will see a list of DApps, scroll down and select PancakeSwap.

4. Connect your wallet.

Click on “Connect Wallet”.

5. Select TrustWallet.

Once you click on “Connect Wallet” you will see a series of wallets, select TrustWallet.

6. Select the currency you want to spend.

In the “From” section select the currency you want to spend, in this case, we choose BNB to make the purchase.

7. Select the currency you are going to buy.

In the “To” section you will choose the currency you are going to buy, in this case NFTB.

Please note: In this section, the safest option is to place the Official Smart Contract to avoid selecting the wrong currency.

NFTb Official Smart Contract: 0xde3dbbe30cfa9f437b293294d1fd64b26045c71a

Click on “Import”.

After that you will see a warning notification, which tells you that anyone can create BEP20 Tokens in BSC.

Make sure the Token matches the Official Smart Contract and check the box indicating that you understand.

Click on “Import”.

Make sure to have enough BNB in your BEP20 (BNB Chain) address to be able to pay for transaction fees.

8. Set the “Slippage Tolerance”.

A brief review about the Splippage.
Slippage tolerance is the price “movement” limit setting for the amount of digital assets you are willing to accept, and is represented as a percentage of the total value of the exchange. In other words, it is the difference in the price of the token that we are willing to tolerate that occurs while we perform the operation — if the token rises or falls more than that price, the operation will not take place.

Please note: The Slippage Tolerance is subject to the criteria of each user, you can choose the percentage with which you feel most comfortable. Usually the lowest percentage works “0.1%” however the most used is “0.5%”.

To configure the Slippage Tolerance, follow these steps:
a) Click on the “nut” shaped icon that represents the configuration.

b) Select the percentage of Slippage Tolerance of your preference.

In this case we have selected 0.1%

c) Confirm that the Slippage Tolerance percentage you selected has been configured correctly.

9. Enter the amount of Tokens you are going to buy.

In this part, you can enter in the “From” section the amount of tokens you want to spend, or enter in the “To” section the amount of tokens you want to buy. The system will make the conversions automatically according to the market value in real time.

10. Swap.

Click on “Swap” to proceed with the transaction.

11. Confirm Swap.

Here you can see the details of the transaction, if you agree, click “Confirm Swap” to continue.

12. Approve the transaction on TrustWallet.

After confirming the swap in PancakeSwap, you will see a notification from TrustWallet with the details of the transaction you are making, if you agree, click “Approve”.

13. Confirm that your transaction was successful on the BNB Chain.

Finally, once the transaction is confirmed, you will see the following image, which indicates that the transaction has been sent.

Click on “View on BscScan” to view the transaction details on the BNB Chain.

After that, you will be able to see that your transaction has been successful.

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