NFTb offers a premium NFT marketplace where Artists can get access to Collectors and NFT Enthusiasts from around the world. Our multi-chain platform provides a wide range of DeFi solutions from yield farming opportunities to IDO and INO launchpads that help Creators and Projects build early support.

NFTb marketplace in general is honoured to host an all-inclusive, dynamic, global community of creative artists, collectors, investors and crypto enthusiasts. We have achieved quite a lot of success in such a short time and as a result, many hackers and scammers are bound to target our community. This is a sad truth we must all be cautious about, ultimately, one you can easily be prepared to avoid.

Crypto is Valuable & More Popular Than Ever. Scammers want in!


  • Digital currencies aren’t regulated.

  • Crypto community preference to self regulate.

  • Newbies to the game are the low hanging fruit.

Please research further for tips on how to spot and avoid malicious actors.

Social Media Accounts of NFTb Marketplace

Here’s a list of official NFTb Marketplace social media and blog accounts right here.

Any other accounts impersonating or looking like allied with NFTb privately or publicly via DM should be treated with quick caution as a malicious activity or scam. Without hesitation, freely report any such suspicious accounts to the respective social media platform.

Discord & Telegram

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Support staff or admins on the Discord and Telegram servers will never send you private messages first.

None of our NFTb team members will ever ask you to send information about your seed phrase or private keys, $NFTB, BNB, $ART. Gratifying as it may be to be in communication with a Team member, be extremely wary and careful of scammers, hackers and malicious actors that often try to prey on productive communities such as ours.

If you’re communicating with anyone who appears to be working as an official NFTb team or any official capacity (community admins) on Discord and Telegram, you can verify that they are “official members” of the team by sending a public message to the main community chat groups referencing that dialogue on community for everyone to see.

There are 2 major ways hackers use to get your Details, this is done through:

  1. Personal Computer (PC)

  2. Mobile Devices

1. Personal Computer (PC)

This is one of the easiest scams known as Phishing Scams and Social Engineering.

Here in phishing, they pull personal info from your laptop or PCs to another computer via plugins or other software links that can be maliciously installed. Be careful what you download to your computer and the websites you visit.

Social Engineering,

  • Impersonating others using fake emails.

  • Irresistible offers

  • Stealing funds from victims using knock-off cryptocurrency trading websites.

  • Suggestions to artists' collabs / partnerships making you click on Zoom links to join a meeting or download Zip folders via Google Drive link.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is a scam. Report and Block as soon as possible. Don’t click, don't open up.

To verify a website, check, enter the website in the company ‘tab’.

2. Mobile Devices

The way hackers achieve hacking mobile devices is done by SIM card swapping. Unfortunately, there are no ways to prevent SIM card swaps. The reason for this is because these are inside jobs that are run by organised crime syndicates. Here, the hackers are able to get your cell phone company to port your phone number to their own phone.

Once achieved, hackers can get access to any info they wish to have from SMS verification, 2-factor authentication (2FA) apps, from here they can use these tools to break into your emails, change your 2FA and other access as they lock you out of your account permanently, they can have access to everything on your i-Cloud as well (so remember that picture of your private keys you took, yeah - they can get that too). Similar case happened with crypto investor, Michael Terpin and phone company, AT&T. and its $24 Million lawsuit.

Do not use your mobile number for anything involved in crypto.

⚠️ WARNING: Never create a “digital version”, “text based”, or “image based” on access information to your crypto wallet!

Make it as difficult as you can for scammers and hackers - Get a Hardware wallet!!!

Please be very cautious and careful out there! While the world of Web3 is exciting, safety should always be of priority.

To learn more about common scams and how to avoid them, check out our short video guide, "Crypto Scams to Avoid - 10 Tricks Scammers Use".

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