The NFTb marketplace community can be found across several different platforms. Please reference this official list, to be certain you are interacting with the correct ones.

⚠️ Please be cautious of scams & malicious actors posing as an NFTb account, or as an affiliate. Use this up-to-date list to double-check that the accounts you are interacting with are legitimate and correct.

Emailing NFTb Marketplace:

All email correspondence with NFTb marketplace employees will come from email accounts that end in "" – no exceptions. If someone is emailing you from an address that is not from "", they are not an official employee of NFTb and should not be trusted as such.

Official NFTb social media and blog accounts:




Please message us via our support chat box for an invite





Telegram Group:

Who manages these accounts?

The social accounts are managed by the NFTb team, on behalf of the NFTb Marketplace.

Beware of scams

Any other accounts claiming to be affiliated with NFTb marketplace publicly or privately via DM may be scams and should be treated with caution. Please feel free to report any such accounts to each social media platform.

For more important information to help avoid being the victim of scams, check out this article from our Help Desk.

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