NFTb always prioritizes its community’s interests and will always guarantee the IDO refund if the project or third parties related to the project are found in breach of the NFTb’s Launchpad terms and conditions.

In the event of any potential breaches, we’ll be monitoring the situation very closely and will always communicate with the project team to clarify the situation. We want to assure our community, that prior to onboarding any project to our Launchpad, we conduct a vigorous vetting process and believe in the project’s vision and the delivery of its roadmap.

NFTb is committed to refunding the IDO participants if:

  • The market price of a token needs to be maintained above the IDO price for 48 hours of the initial claim period; or

*Considering the market movements, the token market price may dip below the IDO price within those 48 hours for a lesser period than 1 hour without triggering the Refund Policy.

  • Another IDO launchpad issues a refund (and is not at fault for the breach).

Example: Another launchpad has made an error of releasing the project’s IDO tokens early to its own community (ahead of the agreed TGE time). This meant that the buying pressure and excitement surrounding the project’s token launch were suppressed. Meaning the launch of the token did not reach its full potential and did not meet the expectations of NFTb IDO participants.

Refund Process

After working closely with the project’s team and investigating the issues both parties will have come to an agreement to allow NFTb users the ability to request a refund for their IDO participation via the NFTb Launchpad. This solution ensures that:

IDO participants:

  • Can choose if they would like to continue supporting the project and not request a refund.

  • Can benefit from the refund availability when the project’s token price is below the NFTb’s IDO sales price, at the time of the refund window.

The Project:

  • Will have the opportunity to demonstrate the value of their project to the NFTb’s community communicating clearly on the delivery of their roadmap and any other upcoming milestones.

  • Can build a community and number of token holders for their project ensuring the solid delivery of their project.

Details of any breaches and the upcoming refund window will be released on the official NFTb’s Market Announcement TG channel:

How do I request a refund?

Visit the IDO page of the project on NFTb Launchpad.

  1. Connect your wallet that had participated in the sale.

  2. Click on the Refund button.

  • If you have already claimed the portion of the tokens at the TGE, only the vested amount will be refunded (e.g 80% of contributed funds).

  • If you have not claimed any tokens, all funds will be refunded directly to your IDO wallet immediately.

3. Funds will be returned immediately after the request has been initiated.

Please note: The refund window is open only for 48–72 hours and any refund requests made outside the specified time slot will not be granted.

We want to thank the NFTb community for your patience and support while are investigating any potential breaches and are exploring all options with the project team prior to issuing a refund. 🙏

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